JAMES Constable believes some players will have difficult decisions to make if the football season restarts in the next few weeks.

The Premier League and EFL are looking to get their competitions back up and running next month.

But even if the coronavirus lockdown is eased to allow training again, there will still be risks.

Constable is grateful it is not a decision he has to make as he looks to a new career after playing.

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But the Oxford United legend, whose younger daughter has had health problems, thinks some will be reluctant about going back to work.

He said: “Because of Mollie and her treatment she’s classed as vulnerable.

“We still go out and do our shopping, but as a player if I had to go in and train and I had loved ones who were vulnerable I think it would make it a very tough call.

“With people losing their lives, football does take a back seat and you realise there are a lot greater things going on.

“In that situation it would have been given the go-ahead by the governing bodies, so to then stand up and say ‘I’m not happy with this’ would be difficult.

“I don’t envy the people who have to make these decisions.”

But the 35-year-old can also see the other side of the argument, where players would not want to give up months of work.

He said: “I heard one of the Liverpool players say if it gets cancelled they’d understand.

“You’d be gutted in that situation after everything you’d put in and you look at Oxford for the position they’re in and what they feel they can achieve.”