AN Oxford United supporter was among those publicly thanked for their role in the NHS by the English Football League.

The body called on supporters to share the NHS heroes close to them, so they could be acknowledged as part of a campaign.

Chris Chesterman, who works as a soft tissue specialist with United, nominated his 23-year-old daughter Chloe Chesterman, an Oxford fan who works in Brighton as a paramedic.

“Both my wife (Serena) and son (Adam) are extremely proud of our daughter Chloe and her work colleagues,” Chris Chesterman told the Press Association.

Oxford Mail:

“NHS workers do not choose their career for recognition and praise, they are drawn from a deep feeling to help others, and it can be very hard, both physically and mentally, with a lot of their patients facing very tough times.”

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Chris Chesterman, 50, is joined by doctors and paramedics on matchdays.

“We know that these colleagues are currently working on the front line, and all have our full respect and are in the thoughts of everyone at the club,” he added.

“The English football environment is often described as a family – this gesture from the EFL helps to strengthen the bond between football and fans.”