OXFORD United’s furloughed staff are still finding a way to contribute during the coronavirus lockdown.

Last week the club announced all non-key personnel would be placed into the government scheme.

But while they cannot do their day jobs, many have been chipping in on the U’s community efforts.

It includes calling elderly fans on the club’s database to check they are managing with the restrictions.

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Adam Harris, who normally works in the corporate sales department, said: “The first thing most say is they aren’t available to play on Saturday.

“From the people I’ve called, everyone was upbeat and positive despite many having to self-isolate.

“I think they’re just grateful for a call to talk about this season, or past seasons.

“I think it’s good for the staff as well.

“Everyone on our WhatsApp group has been saying they’ve had a great chat and they feel like they’re doing something good for people.”

Harris, who has worked for United since 2015, also went one step further.

He is among the 750,000 people to sign up as a volunteer to help the NHS, three times the initial target.

Also read: Oxford United medic so proud of daughter's work as a nurse

Having been accepted, they declare themselves ‘on duty’ via an app.

Harris said: “There’s different tasks.

“Some of it is similar to what we have been doing with our fans, calling vulnerable people who might have been referred by a GP.

“You might do someone’s shopping, get their medication or move supplies between hospitals or care homes.

“You just put on your app that you’re on duty and they fire jobs across as they come up.”

The only thing left for Harris is to be put to work.

“I’m still waiting,” he said.

“I live in Great Western Park in Didcot and so many people have signed up, because you can see them all on the app.

“When I do get the nod I’ll be happy to help.

“I think it’s a good thing to be ready to do.

“This is a way to keep engaged.”