JOSH Ruffels has played on the pitch with 136 different Oxford United teammates, so narrowing it down to an XI was always going to be a challenge.

“First of all, I need to apologise to the teammates I haven’t picked, because it was tough,” he said.

Here’s the side the left back came up with...



Oxford Mail:

I think he’s a Championship player and he’s the best keeper I’ve played with.

We get on really well, we’re roommates for every away game and he’s a great lad.



Oxford Mail:

He’s showing how good he is now in the Premier League.

He bombs on for fun, is a great defender and a great lad.

When he was at the club we used to spend time together.



Oxford Mail:

The way he’s played this season is incredible, I’d say he’s become a man and has led us really well when he’s been captain.

He’s been an absolute rock, he wins every ball and no-one gets past him, so he has to be in the team.


Oxford Mail:

When we got promoted he was the captain and is right up there with one of the best captains I’ve had.

He led the boys in a great way with his team talks and he would guide you through it.

I was in a car school with him to and from training and we’d have some great chats.

He’s so passionate and he’d have a go at you if you were doing something wrong, but that’s what you want from a captain.

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Oxford Mail:

Obviously Joe Skarz needs a shout-out, but I thought Johnno was a great player when he was with us for a short time.

He’s got a great left foot and is one of the quickest players I’ve played with. He made it look easy.



Oxford Mail:

Technically he’s got to be the best player I’ve played with – right foot, left foot, I’ve never seen anything like the way he can ping a ball.

I’ve got him in there to dictate and string passes together.

I know he’s scored a few goals in the Premier League this season, but I’ve got him to do a job for me in there.

He’s a great lad as well. He’s always been a Premier League player in my eyes.



Again, technically he’s a great player and can get around the pitch.

He can score goals, he’s got the potential to go as far as he wants in my eyes, it’s as simple as that.

Oxford Mail:


His goalscoring record at Oxford has been incredible, he always finds a way in tough games as well.

He’s been our saviour, scoring massive goals in certain games at both ends of the table.



Oxford Mail:

He was another who scored in massive moments.

Mags was great with the ball and had a lot of attitude, but I think in every team you need a player like that.

I hate playing against him, he’ll get in your ear and try to wind you up, buying fouls off you. He’s very clever.



Oxford Mail:

It’s got to be, hasn’t it?

He’s proven how good he is and it’s great to see how well he’s done.

It’s a shame we can’t see him play as much as we did when he was at Leeds because he’s abroad now, but his finishing is unbelievable.

He’s got pace, movement and it’s been great to see him develop into the player he’s become.



Oxford Mail:

He’s my local pal and when I arrived he was the first person to have a chat with me and bring me in.

He’s developed to play international football so has done really well and I still think he can get better.

Oxford Mail:

I think that team will win a few games, but I have to mention a few who didn’t make it.

Beano (James Constable) has to have a shout-out, because his record for the club makes him a legend.

I remember being there at Mansfield when he scored his 100th goal.

Also Chey Dunkley, an absolute warrior who scored that goal against Wycombe to ease the pressure and has done really well since he’s left.

There’s the likes of Johnny Mullins, Andy Whing and Danny Rose, they all helped build me up as a player when I first came to the club and they’re great lads.

And finally, Jack Payne, Rob Hall and Liam Sercombe all deserve a mention.

Pictures by David Fleming, James Williamson, Richard Parkes and Dan Westwell.