THE coronavirus has seen several clubs put out an appeal for help already – but one Oxfordshire side have flipped the call on its head.

Woodstock Town’s players and coaches have committed to use the time they would normally be spending on football to aid the local community.

With a squad full of people suddenly at a loose end after their Uhlsport Hellenic League Division Two North campaign was expunged, they have offered to assist those in need by running essential errands.

It could be anything from walking the dog to picking up medicine, but head coach Liam Walker felt it was the duty of a community club to be there when things got tough.

He said: “In our modern lives we can become very insular, but there are people in the community that haven’t got the same options to be able to operate in the way they normally would.

“We have got quite a large number of players who are relatively young, fit and almost fearless as well.

“It was the players who saw people who were struggling and asked what we could do about it.

“We already had a code of conduct in the club which requires the players to do bits and bobs for the community.”

The appeal went live at the weekend and the good deeds have already begun.

While the day-to-day jobs will be a significant help, the ace up Woodstock’s sleeve could be the number of tradesmen they have in the group.

Walker said: “There was an enquiry the other morning from an elderly gentleman who couldn’t get hold of a plumber.

“Well, we have about four in our squad.”

The club have obtained some protective equipment to limit the risks if they do need to go into homes.

They have also set up a fundraising page online which aims to generate £1,000 to cover essentials for those who are struggling the most.

And Walker feels the community fund is just mirroring the response the club have had from the town in the past few months.

“We do want to be a part of the community,” he said.

“We have tried to take a more ethical approach this season as a club and this is an extension of that.

“For the first time in years we have had a fantastic buy-in from the local community.

“Sponsors have come forward to help us when we needed it, so we just see this as giving something back.”