First of all I hope everyone is safe and well and coping with the incredible situation we all find ourselves in.

I have had football as the main thing in my life for so many years, but right now there are more important things and I just want to urge you all to stay home and stay safe please.

I have written before about how our week is usually structured so maybe it would be interesting for you to see how we have been filling our time this week?

We have had to find different ways to adapt and we have been clever in the use of technology but our main aim was to give the players a structure, and I’d like fans to do that as well if you can.

It makes such a difference to get up at the usual time, report in, know you are working for a couple of hours, then have a break, then have something else to do. That is based on advice on what is best for everyone’s mental health right now.

So on Monday I had a Zoom meeting with the staff at 9.15am and we talked through the day.

At 10am the players joined us – for those who haven’t heard of Zoom it’s a video meeting where we can all see each other on screen at the same time.

The first meeting was, if I’m honest, hilarious and a bit chaotic but that’s because the lads hadn’t met socially for a week and it was a chance to reconnect for most of us.

Chris Short then set out the warm-up exercises for the day and the players set their cameras up and did those, talking to each other like they would do on a usual training day.

Then they moved on to the running during their one exercise session outside.

One day it was a straight distance run, the next was ‘walk, jog, sprint’ repetitions.

We have heart monitors and GPS trackers so we can see what they have all done and to be fair to them they have hit every target we have set so far.

After lunch they are usually set some other sort of challenge and they have also been active across social media, recording little messages for fans or calling older supporters personally.

I was delighted to call 93-year-old Ron Slater on Monday just to check he was OK, although less delighted when he thought I was Les Robinson!

Maybe that’s the message for you this week.

The regular meetings have helped us get through our second week at home, but we have all found that just talking to each other and having that social element has benefitted us no end.

Why not follow our lead: some time over the weekend just give a mate or a relative a call to see how they are getting on.

Little things like that make such a difference.

It’s going to be hard for me to keep doing this column while there is no football around.

What am I going to speak about?

I’d rather the extra space was used for more public information or updates from health experts right now.

The Oxford Mail is doing great work every day and is so important for the Oxfordshire community at the moment.

With that in mind I’m going to take a short break from this column.

I’ll talk to the paper and local media whenever they want and I’m always pretty accessible anyway, but let’s just park this page for now.

I genuinely look forward to being able to write the next instalment once life gets back to some form of normality.