For the last 20 years, every week has built up to a Saturday for me.

We train hard, we plan, we prepare and then on a Saturday afternoon we give it everything we have got to try to win a game of football.

This week has put that in to harsh perspective and for the second weekend in a row we have no game.

Football is important to all of us, but it’s not THAT important.

Family and friends come first and if there is one message we need to get across right now it is to stay safe.

Follow the advice, stay at home, look after your loved ones and, most importantly, be kind to each other.

We have all seen the pictures of empty shelves and those in the most need being unable to get basic food supplies.

Spare a thought for them please and if you can help someone during these incredibly tough days then please do.

In terms of the football club, we have gone from an incredible high of winning five games in a row and chasing the top two teams to a complete stop.

I’m not going to lie, that has been very difficult for all involved.

There have been countless phone calls and video chats while we come to terms with what is happening.

I like to keep busy and have been trying to work as much as possible and the players have been following their training programmes at home.

We can monitor it and see what they have been doing, but in reality we know they will be doing the right things because they are such a dedicated group of professionals.

People have understandably focussed on the physical side of things.

Will the players be fit when we come back and how much lead-up time will they need?

But there is also the mental side to think about – you are suddenly stopping people from training every day, taking away a routine they have probably done since they were 16.

That’s difficult to adjust to and we have made sure everyone can contact the right people to help them through a very stressful time.

When will we be back playing again? I simply don’t know.

As I put this page together, I am waiting for a meeting with people at the club to discuss the best way forward, now we know that we will not be playing until the end of April at the earliest.

I think it is the right call to say that this season will eventually be finished, rather than written off.

But the situation is changing

day-by-day – hour by hour, even – in these unprecedented times and all we can do is wait.

And while that is happening, please look after each other.