OXFORD United will continue to be supported by their board through the uncertain period which lies ahead, chairman Sumrith 'Tiger' Thanakarnjanasuth has said.

The U's will not be in action until at least April 3 following the suspension of professional football to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

But it is expected that return date will be pushed back, with tighter restrictions on everyday life now in place.

Last week United's finance director estimated the club earned about £100,000 per home game, so losing the income stream will cause problems.

But in a statement on the club's website, Tiger sought to reassure fans and staff.

He wrote: "Financially this is going to be a very difficult time for clubs at all levels.

"Our biggest revenue streams have dried up and maybe that’s the one thing I can say here that helps fans and staff.

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"I and the board will continue to back the club and nobody should be worried for the future.

"Staff are still working and will be paid this month as usual and the club will adapt and find ways to come through this.

"It will be tough for all of us but all we ask is for fans to stay patient, stay safe, and when we come back, whenever that is, come back with us and help us finish what we have started."

Yesterday the EFL announced a £50million relief package would be made available to its members to ease the strain.

It will come in the form of advancing payments due to be paid later, plus interest-free loans.

United's training ground is shut this week, but as things stand with the April 3 return date in place the players are due to start working together again from Monday.

Tiger though raised doubts over whether that could be managed safely.

He wrote: "At the moment the league is due to return on April 3 April and because of that we have to be ready to play on that date.

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"The players are staying fit but will have to return to training together soon if they are to be ready as a team and that means the coaches, physios, the sports scientists, the analysts and the rest of the backroom staff will have to be there with them.

"Can we do that next week and have the necessary protocols in place to ensure it is safe?

"The honest answer is that right now we do not know.

"My personal view is that it is probably too early but all we can do is ask the EFL to continue to speak with clubs, ask our opinions and give us as much guidance as possible."

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