A SUPPORTER who racially abused Banbury United midfielder Ravi Shamsi has received an indefinite stadium ban.

The Royston Town fan was ejected from the Hertfordshire outfit’s ground after the incident in the BetVictor Southern League Premier Central clash on January 25.

The club’s board will decide the length of the ban, which takes effect immediately, if the man completes a racism awareness course.

Royston secretary Terry McKinnell said: “Our steward in that area along with three board members confronted the perpetrator.

“He acknowledged he was in the wrong and apologised immediately. He was then asked to leave the ground, which he did immediately accompanied by the steward and board members.”

The club launched an investigation after the game and the referee mentioned the abuse in his Extraordinary Incident Report.

McKinnell added: “We have since placed more signage around the ground, with the same notice prominently displayed in our matchday programme, together with an increased presence of stewards.”

An FA spokesperson confirmed no formal disciplinary action had taken place ‘in light of the actions taken by the club’.

Stephen Barlow, secretary of Puritans owners Banbury United Community Football Club Ltd, revealed the club were satisfied with the steps taken by Royston.

He said: “We believe Royston acted promptly and have taken appropriate measures which they communicated with us.”

Shamsi, 22, condemned the comments after the match.

He tweeted: “Whoever the person was that thought it would be funny to look down on me just to make himself look good should be ashamed of himself.

“I hope nobody has to experience something like this at whatever level they play at.

“We play football for the love of the game, not to get abused for 90 minutes by supporters.”