MARK Stocker had a maximum and a 100 checkout to help Kidlington Football Club to a 6-3 win over visitors Queens Head A.

Matty Bray levelled after Stocker’s fine start in the Cowley Workers ODDA Section 2 clash.

Pete Smith and Peter Gough opened up a 3-1 lead for the hosts, which was cancelled out by Alex Ward and Mark Fagg.

But Kidlington were not to be denied, sweeping the pairs 3-0 to come out on top.

Didcot Railway Club, of Section 1, blew Premier side Democrats away with a fast start.

They took all three pairs matches, which were played first, before Alex Ball, Paul Godding (180) and Stuart Rideout gave them a winning 6-0 lead.

The Democrats finally got off the mark with wins from Adam Bowman, Rob Adnams and Lennon Craddock.

The all section one clash saw hosts Cowley Workers Club A score a narrow 5-4 victory over the visiting Kidlington Green Club.

The battle for the Section 1 title in the ladies’ competition will go to the wire, with the top three separated by just seven points.

Witney Snooker Club took a giant step towards the title after a convincing 7-2 win at Bletchingdon Social Club.

Blackbird Bar are five points further back after a 5-4 win over the visiting Red Lion.

Donnington Community Centre are also still in the mix after a brilliant 7-2 win at Cricketers Arms leaves them a further two points adrift.




Premier & Section 1: Cowley Workers A 5, Kidlington Green 4; Democrats Club 3, Didcot Railway SC 6; Challow RBL 0, Blackbird Leys BC 9.

Section 2: Chequers Inn A 7, Red Lion 2; Kidlington FC 6, Queens Head A 3.

Section 3: Bullnose Morris 6, Cowley Workers B 3; Cricketers Arms 7, Cowley Workers C 2; Six Bells 1, Kings Arms 8; George Bar A 6, Littlemore RFC 3.

Section 4: Donnington CC A 8, Donnington CC B 1; Duke of Monmouth 5, Marston RBL B 4; Masons Arms 3, George Lounge 6; Queens Head 4, New Club 5.

Section 5: Marston RBL A 5, Rose Hill 4.


Section 1: Blackbird Bar 5, Red Lion 4; Bletchingdon SC 2, Witney Snooker SC 7; Cricketers Arms 2, Donnington CC C 7.

Section 2: Blackbird Leys BC 5, Kidlington FC A 4; Chequers Inn 7, Phoenix Sports Club 2; Donnington CC B 6, Northway CC 3.

Section 3: Donnington CC A 4, Six Bells 5.

Section 4: Kidlington FC A 3, Cowley Workers B 6; Kings Arms 6, East Oxford CC 3; New Club B 5, Catherine Wheel 4; George Lounge B 4, Cowley Workers B 5.

Section 5: Cowley Workers A 7, George Bar 2.

This week’s 180s

T Wood 2; J Jukes (both Blackbird Leys Bowls Club), S Rideout, P Godding (both Didcot Railway SC), R Adnams (Democrats Club), P Cook –(Cowley Workers A), M Laverack, M Britnell (both Kidlington Green), R Reveley (Chequers Inn A), M Stocker (Kidlington FC), M Baldwin (Cowley Workers C), D Jones (George Lounge), N Moss (Kings Arms).

100-plus checkouts

R Adnams 120 (Democrats Club), P Godding 120 (Didcot Railway SC), D Jones 118 (George Lounge), M Kennett 108, C Inness 107 (both Chequers Inn A), M Fagg 106 (Queens Head A), T Wood 100 (Blackbird Leys BC), M Stocker 100 (Kidlington FC), V Williams 100 (New Club).