BICESTER Blue Fins enjoyed a string of podium finishes at the Oxfordshire & North Buckinghamshire Counties Championship.

The 13-14 years relay A team of Seb Gomm, Tom Henley, Will Jones and Jacob Pillinger took a superb silver in the freestyle.

They doubled their tally with bronze in the medley.

The 10-12 A quartet of Cody Schneider, Josh Scrivener, Archie Steward and Luke Gavrilovic bagged a third medal for the club, also winning bronze in the relay.

In the 400m freestyle, 11-year-old Scrivener took silver, beating his personal best by a huge 19 seconds.

Jones, 14, bagged a bronze in his age group as he set a new personal best by 16 seconds and achieved a regional base time alongside Pillinger.

Elsewhere, Gomm, Jones, Tim Walker, Ellie-May Honour and Tia Falkner achieved personal bests in the 1,500m freestyle.

Falkner was another to secure a regional base time.

All six Blue Fins swimmers in the 800m freestyle gained personal bests.

Head coach Craig Oliver was delighted with his young team’s performance.

He said: “The team headed into these championships looking very fit and this was shown in the 78 per cent PB rate achieved in the distance and middle-distance events.

“Their speed also looks good and is reflected in the three medals in the boys’ age group relay events.

“In the 400m freestyle, we had ten PBs from 13 swims, two podium finishes and five top-eight finishes earning us some championship points.”

The event continues this month, with Blue Fins competing in Aylesbury on two consecutive weekends, starting next Saturday.