KARL Robinson says he will only bring in a right back before Friday’s transfer deadline if they can improve Oxford United’s starting line-up.

Despite an extensive search over several weeks, the club are yet to find a replacement for Chris Cadden, who was recalled from his loan by Columbus Crew at the start of the month.

Sam Long has established himself in the Scot’s absence, while Robinson has back-up in that role already in the squad.

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It means if the frustrating hunt continues, United will not sign a full back for the sake of it before 11pm on Friday.

The head coach said: “In the right back situation we’ve looked through so many.

“We’ve searched everywhere, we’ve put bids in that have been rejected.

“I’m saying to everybody that Jamie Hanson can play there, Sam Long can play there and we’re working on Fordey (Anthony Forde) playing there so we have an attacking one.

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“They have to be better than that to move them back into their original position.

“I can’t waste money, it’s got to be something that makes this team better.”

When asked if that meant funds would then be diverted to an extra attacking option, Robinson replied: “Possibly, we’ll see.”