OXFORD United's players will not train together today as boss Karl Robinson prioritises family time on Christmas Day.

That does not mean the squad are having the day off.

They have all been given drills to do on their own - and their GPS belts will report back to the staff.

But Robinson feels it is the best decision, on a human level and to get the most out of them against Lincoln City on Boxing Day.

"It’s both," he said.

"Every player has seemed to give me a bit more on Boxing Day because of it.

"But now it’s becoming the norm, we were speaking to Wycombe at the weekend and they’re doing that.

"Most of our players don’t live within 30 minutes of here.

"If they’re in here for three hours that becomes more like five that they’re away from the people they love.

"You don’t know how many Christmases we have left in us with all our family being around, so you don’t want to take those moments away from people.

"But the respect we show the players because of that reasoning I’d like to think they show the club that respect back."

United, who were training as normal yesterday, lost all three festive fixtures 12 months ago, but Robinson did not think that could be explained by their Christmas Day schedule.

He said: "We had a poor result last Boxing Day and were miles off it.

"People might say ‘well you should have been in’, but we’re in every Friday and don’t win every Saturday."

He added: "A lot of the players live near each other so will probably meet up anyway.

"But it’s only an hour out of your day.

"They’ll have the GPS belts so we’ll know they’ve hit certain things."

It involves a level of trust in the players to avoid temptation today.

But having come in on a short-term deal earlier this month, goalkeeper Jordan Archer is happy to make sacrifices.

He said: "At the start of December I was planning to go up to Wales with the missus and have Christmas with her family.

"She won’t like me saying it, but I’d much rather be playing than doing that."

He added: "We’ve been given Christmas Day off, but that’s not to say the boys will be drinking and stuffing their faces.

"The boys are professional enough to look after themselves and do the right thing.

"There are lads here with kids and families, so on a day like Christmas Day it’s important to spend time with them.

"But at the same time, I’m sure I can speak on behalf of every player that we’ll have one eye on the Boxing Day game.

"It will be tempting to get a second portion of Christmas dinner and have a drink, but that’s far from what the boys here will do."