REIGNING champion Mark Trafford reached the next round of the Oxford & District League’s men’s individuals competition, writes PETE EWINS.

Trafford beat Vikings’ Allan Lacey 2-0 in the preliminary round, scoring 19,140 in the opening leg with a break of 15,820.

Sean Stratford beat Ian Gordon 2-0, while Mike Jones won 2-0 over Richard Garrett.

In the Pat Webber Cup, Melvyn Johnson defeated Mick Murphy 2-0 (8,020-4,410) at Democrats Club and Dave Gordon beat teammate Sid Ponting 2-0 on the Donnington table.

Also through is John Patey, who beat David Naylor on aggregate.

In the pairs, Ian Moss and Alan Oliver beat Roger Tomlin and Keith Hollis 3-1.