You have to make the most of times like this and right now it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of what is happening at Oxford United.

We’ve achieved absolutely nothing yet – show me the final league table and I will tell you what we’ve actually got out of the season.

But if you can’t enjoy nights like Tuesday, when we beat Sunderland to reach the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup, then there’s no point being in the game.

I didn’t think we played that well during the game itself and we certainly weren’t as fluent as we have been over the last ten games or so.

But credit should also go to Sunderland, who were very good on the night.

You can’t play well every week and I was so proud of the way everyone held their nerve and got us through in the penalty shoot out.

I’d like to single out two people in particular.

John Mousinho came on with about five seconds left, specifically to take a penalty.

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That adds a little bit of pressure but he handled it perfectly and scored a crucial kick, before Simon Eastwood saved the decisive kick to take us through.

The crowd were fantastic and the noise was unbelievable.

To then draw Manchester City in the next round means all of us have a great night to look forward to in the quarter-final in a few weeks’ time.

That game will have to wait for now, because we are heading down to Portsmouth today for a really important league game.

My first game in charge was down at Fratton Park and that seems a long time ago now!

Forgetting our current form, we have come a long way since that day: a fantastic training ground, a thriving academy and a team who the fans are proud of, playing in front of sold out crowds.

I have loved being part of that and we’re only at the start of what we want to build.

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And yet, you know what I am going to say now, don’t you! That’s right: don’t get carried away.

Portsmouth away is the perfect game for us, because if you’re off your game or lose your focus then you’ll be punished.

They will come at us and have a passionate crowd right behind them, so we need to do what we’ve been doing for most of this season and work as hard as ever.

If we do that then hopefully our unbeaten run continues.

Every week we seem to have a former Oxford star come and join us and this week I was pleased to meet Jamie Brooks.

He was a great player and was always such a down to earth and humble young man.

Jamie came into the training ground with his son and was talking to the youth team – he is one of the best players ever to come through the system here.

Jamie’s football journey ended sadly, a terrible illness taking away his best years.

Maybe that takes us back to the very first line of this page this week.

Take nothing for granted, enjoy the moment, and make sure you enjoy it when things are going your way.