OXFORD Hawks were edged out for the second week running in the Men’s Hockey League Division 1 South.

They produced an improved performance but once more Hawks came away empty-handed, losing 1-0 at Teddington to a counter-attack late on.

The club’s ladies got off the mark in Conference West.

Emily Smith and Caro Harris were on target in a 2-0 home win over Bath Buccaneers.

Oxford Ladies are the only team in South League Division 2 with a 100 per cent record after a 2-1 win over visitors Trojans 2nd.

Rachel Lammey struck the winner ten minutes from time after Amelia Baron’s opener had been cancelled out.

Zum Akhter, Henry Vallis and Hector Lyons all scored to give Oxford OBU a 3-2 success at Maidenhead in the South League Premier’s Division 2 West.



Oxford Hawks 2nd 2 (S Greenbank, F Smith), Eastcote 1; West Hampstead 2nd 0, Oxford Hawks 3rd 2 (E Wilkinson, C Pittaway); Oxford Hawks 4th 6 (M Pickup 3, L Piper 2, F Daly), Windsor 1; Aylesbury 2nd 7, Oxford Hawks 5th 2 (R Tyser, D White); Oxford Hawks 6th 0, Staines 3rd 6; Reading Rovers 4, Oxford Hawks 7th 1; Oxford Hawks Falcons 7 (A Sumser 3, J Finlayson 2, S Griffiths, P Dunnill), Guildford Gondoliers 1; Oxford 2nd 7 (S Worlidge 3, R Butler 3, D Bleach), Milton Keynes 2nd 4; Tring 6, Oxford 3rd 4 (P Alexandrou 2, A Bruce-Gardyne, K Walker); Oxford 4th 5 (O Hughes, K Wharton, J Powell, J Ogle, D MacArthur), West Hampstead 5th 1; West Hampstead 6th 1, Oxford 5th 2 (J Greetham, G Jan James); Oxford 6th 3 (L Cadman, T Christophers, A Neville), Abingdon 2nd 3; Henley 4th 3, Oxford 7th 0; Oxford 8th 6 (J Federson 2, S Dogar, R Lawrence, E Bennett), Henley 5th 4; Sonning 6th 5, Oxford 9th 5 (M Tappin 3, A Mills-Hicks, P Kimber); Wycombe 2nd 1, Wallingford 3 (C Blakey 2, S Windsor-Lewis); Windsor 2nd 0, Wallingford 3rd 0; Wallingford 4th 1, Reading Rascals 7; Wallingford 5th 7 (P Satchwell 3, J Rees, N Thompson, G Jones), Bicester Dev 0.


Woking 4, Oxford Hawks 2nd 5 (S Robbins 2, H Nicholson, A Potter, K Poulter); Oxford Hawks 3rd 0, Amersham & Chalfont 2nd 1; Oxford 3rd 1 (G Verdon), Oxford Hawks 4th 1 (R Black); Oxford Hawks 5th 1 (P Cantwell), Milton Keynes 2nd 2; Windsor 2nd 1, Oxford Hawks 6th 2 (L Phillips, L Hiner); Oxford Hawks 7th 0, Thame 3rd 6; Newbury & Thatcham 2nd 2, Oxford 4th 3 (E Forsyth 2, E Reynolds); South Berkshire 3rd 2, Oxford 5th 0; Phoenix & Ranelagh 3rd 0, Oxford 6th 3 (S Livingstone 2, A Darnell); Abingdon Pilgrims 0, Oxford 7th 2 (E Burke, J Adams); Marlow 6th 3, Oxford 8th 0; Wallingford 1 (S Pegg), Oxford 2nd 0; South Berkshire 2nd 4, Wallingford 2nd 4 (H Merryweather 2, C Barber, L Allen); Wallingford 3rd 0, Bicester 1; Wallingford 4th 2 (E Seymour, C Eatwell), Bicester 3rd 1; Wychwood 2nd 4, Wallingford 5th 2 (H Hooper, A Illingworth).