KARL Robinson admitted he would love to see Oxford United score a scruffy goal after seeing his side fail to make the most of their best moments in defeat at Bristol Rovers.

Ben Woodburn was on target with a shot from range which added to the U’s collection of quality finishes this season.

But they were also frustratingly shot-shy, especially in the second half when chasing the game.

Robinson, United’s head coach, said: “We’re working situations to score the perfect goal.

“That’s not always going to be the case, we’ve not scored a scruffy goal this season yet, but we’ve seen all sorts go in against us.”

The 3-1 loss at the Memorial Stadium was the side’s third in eight days, a run which has taken the sheen off a promising start to the campaign.

But Robinson defended his players and is adamant the run will turn if they stick to the game plan.

He said: “I can’t criticise the players’ attitude.

“I think if you took the goals away we’ve probably dominated most of the game again, but we got in the final third and didn’t put the ball in the box at the right time.

“We’ll learn and become better because of it, but I’m not going to dig players out.

“They gave me everything, it’s just the small margins at the moment.

“When we seem to make a mistake it gets punished.

“Every team goes through a period in the season where you’re scratching your head thinking ‘we’ve played well again and got nothing’.

“It doesn’t mean it’s good enough and we have to make sure we come back better.

“We’re just not having that luck and it’s something the players have to believe that it will turn.”