OXFORDSHIRE shared the rink points but lost on shots in their Home Counties League fixture against Sussex.

The clash at Eastbourne was close early on, before the hosts began to pull away.

By the 15th end they had a 24-shot lead.

But after Kevin Alder’s quartet won by four shots, Oxon salvaged two slender victories on the 21st end thanks to the rinks involving Will Campion and Paul Skidmore.

The result kept them fifth in the table, 18 points behind leaders Middlesex, who visit South Oxford on Saturday.

Oxon 100 (6pts), Sussex 131 (16)

Rink 1: P Hickman, B Clarke, G Hooker & P Skidmore won 18-17.

Rink 2: C Lewis, A Ley, J Bland & R Gaskins lost 13-24.

Rink 3: H Beall, P Gladden, L Days & C Weller lost 12-28.

Rink 4: J Justin, J MacDonough, S Timms & K Alder won 19-15.

Rink 5: T Prew, S Aldren, O Bennett & D Leighfield lost 16-26.

Rink 6: R Green, T Eley, B Bloomfield & W Campion won 22-21.

OXFORDSHIRE were edged out in friendlies against Essex and Wiltshire.

Brian Clarke pulled off a massive 26-shot win against Essex at Thame, but the visitors won on the other five rinks.

Oxfordshire 109, Essex 114

Rink 1: R Slater, C Haley, B Ray & K Williams lost 11-19.

Rink 2: S Tolhurst, T Gripe, G Hooker & M Andrew lost 13-25.

Rink 3: R Radband, B Ealey, L Days & M Morris lost 17-18.

Rink 4: P Demczak, J McGeough, M Oliver & B Clarke won 35-9.

Rink 5: M Jones, G Thompson, P Warner & P Robbins lost 15-16.

Rink 6: B Willoughby, R Oliver, D Wedge & A Ley lost 18-27.

The meeting with Wiltshire at West Witney proved the opposite, with wins on four rinks not enough for overall victory.

Oxfordshire 105, Wiltshire 107

Rink 1: P Hickman, J Stephens, M Oliver & L Days won 21-16.

Rink 2: M Jones, T Gripe, J Lucas & P Robbins won 21-14.

Rink 3: S Tolhurst, N Satchell, B Ray & A Ley won 24-19.

Rink 4: D Wright, B Ealey, I Whelpton & B Clarke won 15-11.

Rink 5: J Timms, J Hurren, M Morris & B Bloomfield lost 8-25.

Rink 6: P Demczak, G Thompson, P Warner & M Andrew lost 16-22.

THE annual match against the Isle of Wight ended in a draw at the neutral venue of Three Mile Cross BC in Berkshire.

A colts badge was awarded to Shiplake’s John Gutteridge.

Oxfordshire 107, I of Wight 107

Rink 1: Paul Demczak, John Gutteridge, J Lucas & K Williams lost 10-25.

Rink 2: R Slater, J McGeough, T Gripe & B Bloomfield won 21-12.

Rink 3: C Lewis, C Hale, A Fleming & M Morris won 25-14.

Rink 4: B Jarvie, J Timms, G Thompson & A Ley won 22-16.

Rink 5: P Christmas, R Oliver, D Bullock & C Cox lost 11-18.

Rink 6: D Byers, J Hurren, D Wedge & I Whelpton lost 18-22.