Kidlington Green Social Club won the battle of the two unbeaten sides at the top of the ladies’ Premier Section of the Cowley Workers ODDA.

Katrina Blackman got the Green Club off to a strong start, but visiting Cricketers Arms levelled through Emma Elliot.

From there the hosts took charge, roaring into a 5-1 lead thanks to victories from Emily Burns, Kerry Ryman, Natasha Pitts and Sue Burns.

Despite losing the pairs 2-1, the Green Club ran out 6-3 winners to edge clear at the top of the table.

Matty Bray and Alex Ward hit maximums as Queens Head stormed into a 4-0 lead against visitors Challow Cricket Club in men’s Section 2.

Dan Pratley and Ricky Goodenough were also on target.

Les Radford and Brian Grant halved the deficit to keep the contest alive.

But the hosts took the pairs 2-1 to claim a 6-3 victory.




Premier & Section 1: Croft Bar 3, Waggon & Horses 6; Democrats 5, TJ’s B 4; TJ’s A 7, Kidlington Green 2.

Section 2: Catherine Wheel 2, Cowley Workers A 7; Cricketers Arms B 3, Red Lion 6; Kidlington FC 7, Chequers Inn 2; Queens Head 6, Challow CC 3.

Section 3: Cowley Workers B 5, Bullnose Morris 4.

Section 4: Masons Arms 5, Donnington CC B 4; New Club 4, Kings Arms 5.

Section 5: Ampleforth Arms 4, Cowley Workers C 5; Butchers Arms 2, Florence Park CC 7; Marston RBL 9, Prince of Wales 0.


Premier & Section 1: Kidlington Green 6, Cricketers Arms 3; TJ’s A 6, Florence Park CC 3; Witney Snooker Club 4, Red Lion 5.

Section 2: Kidlington FC B 5, Donnington CC B 4; Original Swan A 2, Rose Hill CC 7.

Section 3: Florence Pk CC B 4, Six Bells 5; Masons Arms 7, George Lounge 2.

Section 4: Cowley Workers C 4, Kings Arms, 5.

Section 5: New Club B 7, Cowley Workers A 2; Prince of Wales 4, George Bar 5.


M Laverack 2 (Croft Bar). G Mills, D Bradbury (both Waggon & Horses), J Jukes (TJ’s A), J Palmer, R Kerry (both Kidlington Green), A Buckingham (Cricketers Arms B), N Lowe (Red Lion), D Jacob (Catherine Wheel), A Ward, M Bray (both Queens Head A), M Laxton (Donnington CC B), L Lawrence (Ampleforth Arms), K Gunn (Prince of Wales).


A Stevens 158 (TJ’s A), C Caldicutt 130 (Red Lion Ladies), J Kearney 130 (Cricketers Arms B), T Oliver 125 (Cowley Workers A), C Kearney 120 (Cricketers Arms B), J Cole 120 (Donnington CC B), L Craddock 120 (Democrats), M Breakspear 116 (Croft Bar), J Charlett 115 (Catherine Wheel), M Breakspear 115 (Croft Bar), G Baker 111 (Red Lion), G Shorter 111 (Bullnose Morris), M Stocker 110 (Kidlington FC), L Craddock 101 (Democrats), R Goodenough 101 (Queens Head A), P Smith 100 (Kidlington Football Club), J Kearney 100 (Cricketers Arms B).