LES Radford came out on top when Beehive AC fished a pairs match on the Fritwell.

His haul of 97lb carp to pole and pellet saw off Ross Keetley’s 68lb with the same method and Kevin Jeacock’s 67lb carp to pole and corn.

Radford and Jeacock took the pairs prize.


Oakfield Fishery (Wednesday, Red Kite, 16 pegs): 1 R Wall (Dynamite Oakfield) 54.9.8, 2 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 49.5.0, 3 J Brewster (Dynamite Oakfield) 45.0.8.

Oakfield Fishery (Sunday, Red Kite, 15 pegs): 1 M Giles (RS Baits) 119.13.0, 2 D Wilson 107.6.8, 3 T Need 94.15.0.