THE Oliver family ruled the roost when Yarnton & District AC got their summer league under way at Barford St Michael.

Despite a number of competitors failing to complete the event, Pete Oliver – on the favoured Peg 1 – caught roach on maggot, alternating between two lines, for a winning weight of 5lb 4oz.

A memorable day was completed with sons Harry, second with 3lb 5oz, and Jacob, third with 3lb, to complete an Oliver one-two-three.


Oakfield Fishery (Wednesday, Red Kite,14 pegs): 1 D Stratfull (Dynamite Oakfield) 75.0.8, 2 R Wall (Dynamite Oakfield) 68.0.0, 3 J Brewster (Dynamite Oakfield) 42.10.0.

Oakfield Fishery (Saturday, Red Kite, 16 pegs): 1 R Dzialak, 58.1.8, 2 C Davis (Dynamite Oakfield) 54.6.0, 3 I Edwards 51.1.0.

Oakfield Fishery (Sunday, Red Kite, 11 pegs): 1 P Abbott 64.6.0, 2 D Wilson 59.2.0, 3 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 57.14.0.