A QUARTET of local teams were among the winners as hundreds of children competed in the Rover Oxford Hockey Festival.

The 27th edition of the competition was hosted by Oxford Hockey Club and attracted 86 teams, from as far afield as Northern Ireland.

Oxford Hawks won the Under 14 Girls A League, while at the same age group their boys finished third in the matches, held at Cokethorpe School, Witney.

Oxford A came out on top in the Under 10 League A, while League B saw Bicester triumph.

The youngest age group was at under eight, where Wallingford B finished ahead of Thame and Oxford B in League B.


Under 8 – League A: 1 Eastcote A, 2 Oxford A, 3 Cirencester A. League B: 1 Wallingford B, 2 Thame, 3 Oxford B.

Under 10 – League A: 1 Oxford A, 2 Cheltenham A, 3 Cirencester A. League B: 1 Bicester, 2 Cheltenham C, 3 Eastcote B.

Under 12 Girls – League A: 1 Tunbridge Wells Otters, 2 Wallingford, 3 London Wayfarers. Girls League B: 1 Tunbridge Wells Bears, 2 Thame, 3 Cirencester B.

Under 12 Boys – League A: 1 Cheltenham A, 2 Oxford, 3 Wycombe. League B: 1 Cheltenham B, 2 Wycombe, 3 Eastcote B.

Under 14 Girls – League A: 1 Oxford Hawks, 2 Cirencester, 3 Cheltenham. League B: 1 Cirencester B, 2 Bicester, 3 Wallingford B.

Under 14 Boys League A: 1 Cheltenham, 2 London Wayfarers, 3 Oxford Hawks.