A SCHOOLBOY was thrilled to claim a hole-in-one – and that turned out to be just the start of the celebrations.

Luke Humphreys, 13, found the cup with his driver at Carswell’s 166-yard 17th hole.

The Faringdon Community College pupil said: “It went on to the right side of the green and curved in.

“We didn’t see it for sure, but heard a ‘dink’ sound, so we thought it might have hit the pin.”

Humphreys, from Longworth, struck his first balls on the driving range as a three-year-old, but had never been a member before.

He was working towards joining, but now needs to find something else to spend his pocket money on.

When word spread of his feat after the round, Carswell director Carole Avenell decided to reward Humphreys with a year’s junior membership, worth £100.

She said: “At the moment we have probably 50 members under 18 and we want to attract juniors into Carswell.

“We knew Luke was saving up.”

European Ryder Cup star Ian Poulter sent his congratulations after Luke’s father Phil Humphreys tweeted about the feat.

Humphreys said: “I think it’s absolutely fantastic. For a club to encourage the youth section like this is great.”



Section 1

Burford 2½ (3½pts), Ellesborough ½ (½) (Burford scores first): T Roebuck & J Bowen halved with P Cuthbert & L Richardson, J Wilks & D Henderson-Sowerby bt A Siggers & S Williams 5 & 3, J Pratt & R Oliver bt M Bransby & G Dixon 5 & 4.


Pimms Cup rd 5: 1 K Johnson 39pts (cb), 2 A Howlett 39 (cb), 3 J Maloney 39.

Pimms Cup overall (best 3 scores from 5): 1 S Wells 114 (cb – best discard), 2 A Howlett 114, 3 J East 112.


Weekend Medal – Div 1: 1 M Jordan 77-12=65, 2 J Green 76-10=66, 3 B Spencer 76-9=67. Div 2: 1 K Pyke 80-15=65, 2 M Nugent 79-13=66, 3 M Du Plessis 81-15=66. Div 3: 1 P Wilkinson 92-27=65, 2 G Blake 91-24=67, 3 A Brown 88-18=70.