KARL Robinson says he would never think about spying on an opponent at their training ground.

Marcelo Bielsa has hit the headlines in the last week after it emerged he had sent a Leeds United employee to watch Derby County ahead of their Championship clash.

The 63-year-old, whose managerial CV includes spells at Argentina, Chile and Lazio, took responsibility and revealed it was something he had done for years.

Robinson felt it was unethical, feeling training grounds were sacrosanct.

He said: “We have an opportunity to look at different things through the course of a week and we can try to build up a picture.

“But whatever we do within our training ground should be left to us.

“I know there’s no law in it and I know the team can’t be done because the manager has very cleverly taken complete control of the situation.

“He will have to be punished, (but) I don’t know how.

“I sit here in awe of the man’s managerial talent.

“He’s done so many different things and gained so much respect worldwide for his coaching ability.

“He’s had sustainability in a very harsh industry over a long period of time, but I think what he’s done is not something I would condone or ever think about (doing) myself.”

Bielsa gave a detailed briefing on Wednesday showing the levels of preparation Leeds went into for each game, including

pre-season friendlies.

United beat Leeds 4-3 in July, but any attempts to watch Robinson’s side may have been thwarted given the wide range of venues they used last summer while their training ground was being finished.