GAVIN Whyte has apologised and asked for forgiveness after a lewd video of the Oxford United winger appeared online.

Footage of the 22-year-old Northern Ireland international from the weekend was leaked earlier this week. 

A statement from Oxford United said he would be warned regarding his future conduct.

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And Whyte has this afternoon released a statement on his Twitter feed.

He wrote: "By now people have seen the video and hade made up their minds about it.

"I apologise to anyone I offended. All I can say is that I was stupid, it shouldn’t ever have happened and I completely regret being part of it.

"I want to thank everyone for the nice messages and hopefully they can see it for what it is – a drunk night out where I did something childish and wrong.

"It was wrong – I know that, but it happened and now I have to try and move on.

"I have so many good people around me and all I can do is concentrate on my football and hope that the Oxford and Northern Ireland fans can forgive me for a moment of real stupidity."