NICK Collier was a clear winner in the second round of Yarnton & District’s Summer League on Jenny’s Pool at Tunnel Barn Farm.

Collier made no mistakes after drawing one of the end pegs, weighing in with 42lb 5oz 0drms catching on pellet at 14 metres. Ernie Smith was second with 17.4.0, alternating between pole and feeder, while Jamie Godfrey took third place with 15.1.0.

Ashley Davies was the star of Beehive’s pairs match on Wood Lake.

He had the top individual weight with 97.0.0 of carp, caught shallow to pole and pellet, and won the pairs prize with Tim Whitewood on 119.0.0.

Paul Smith was second with 69.0.0 of carp to pellet and pole, with Bob Hopgood third on 48.0.0.

Weights were disappointing for the 19 anglers, who competed in the second round of North Oxford’s Summer Canal Series at Yarnton Road.

The top net of 4.0.8 was recorded by Wayne Rudman, who caught skimmers.

Ian Higgins finished second with 2.14.0, closely followed by Lol Budd’s 2.13.0.


Oakfield Fishery (Monday, Brook Lake, 11 fished): 1 P Asplen, 20.1.0, 2 D Hammond (Banbury Gunsmiths) 12.4.0, 3 T Need, 8.1.0.

Oakfield (Wednesday, Red Kite, 14 fished): 1 D Stratfull (Dynamite Oakfield) 47.1.0, 2 F Lawther (Dynamite Oakfield) 42.15.0, 3 P Asplen, 42.3.0.

Oakfield (Saturday, Red Kite, 20 fished): 1 S Water (Drennan) 65.4.0, 2 D Wilson 58.15.0, 3 P Asplen 50.11.0.