LEWIS Moss achieved the astonishing feat of producing the highest breaks of the season in both the Gentworks Oxford & District Snooker and Billiards Leagues this week.

Moss had a run of 77 in his first frame against Connor Jones as Littlemore recorded a 4-2 home win over Oracle B in the Premier & Division 1 snooker clash.

His break beat the previous best of 76 by Witney B’s Lewis Calcutt.

Moss went on to lose his second frame 65-28 against Jones, who had a break of 34.

But Peter Franklin Routh won both his frames against John Donkin to see the hosts to victory.


Premier & Div 1: Littlemore RBL C 4, Oracle B 2; Oracle A 2, Witney B 4; Woodstock 4, Eynsham A 3.

Div 2: Highfield A 5, East Oxford Con B 1; Oxford BC 3, Littlemore RBL A 3; Witney A 5, Thame B 1; Oracle C 1, Green Road A 5; Thame C 2, New Club B 4.

Div 3: Green Road B 4, Highfield B 2; House Club A 4, Littlemore RBL B 2; East Oxford Con A 5, Eynsham C 1.


Premier Div: L Moss (Littlemore RBL C) 77. Div 1: R Partlett (Eynsham A) 53. Div 2: D Felton (Thame C) 40. Div 3: J Ayres (Eynsham B) 51.

Moss was in superb form again for Littlemore RBL with a break of 62 in their victory away to Eynsham.

It beat his previous best of 58, from earlier in the season.


Thame 2, New Club 1; Eynsham 1, Littlemore RBL 2; Oxford Bowls A 2, Ashton 1; Abingdon Con 1, Oxford Bowls B 2; Headington Con 2, Fieldside 1.