FORUM C pulled off an unlikely 6-4 victory over their A side in Division 1 of the Oxford & District League.

Karl Bushell won all three for the A side, but two wins each for Chris Smith, Guy Plowman and Christine Scaysbrook saw the Cs home.

British Rail are now a point clear at the top after a 10-0 drubbing of two-man Forum D and a 6-4 victory over Vikings A, fow which they fielded only a two -strong team.

John Ho maintained his 100 per cent record for Division 2 leaders Forum F as they beat Begbroke 8-2, Vikings B 6-4 and Bicester B 7-3.

Paul Borrowdale starred as Vikings B beat Forum G 7-3, but it took a good team performance to beat Vikings C with Borrowdale, Rob Cleese and Mike Aistrop all managing two wins each.

Vikings C had a big 9-1 win over Forum F. Conor Savage and James Speedy both had maximums, as Jamie McNeil beat Serogo Tabuni for Forum’s only success.

Bicester B swept aside Vikings D 9-1. Jamie Felton and Toby Wong were untroubled by Vikings, but Feng Gu beat Graham Butcher for Vikings’ only success.

Kevin Giles starred as Gladiators A beat Gladiators B 8-2. Imaad Saba beat Dave Gardner and Clive Westbury beat Paul Knight in response. Gladiators A also beat Forum G 7-3 but were then held to a draw by Begbroke.

Gladiators B held Forum F to a draw, and Forum G had their first win – 8-2 over Vikings D.

In Division 3, high flying Forum H were brought down to earth by Forum J. Fielding only two players did Forum H no favours as they lost 7-3. Ed Lush did most of the damage for Forum J.

Forum H fared better against Holton A, winning 10-0. With Lush missing the Holton B fixture, Forum J were held to a draw with a maximum for Holton’s John Cripps.

Bicester E edged past Vikings E 6-4. Alan Rolfe and Birgit Muller won two each for Vikings, but this was matched but two each for Christelle Rajapaksa and Mihai Nicora as Bicester went on to win.

It was a different story when Bicester E faced Holton C and Joseph Rolls led Holton to a 7-3 victory.

Bicester C beat two-man Vikings E 10-0 and Bicester D beat Forum I 9-1.


Div 1: British Rail 10 (D Jones 3, G Donovan 3, I Mead 3), Forum D 0; RAL 3, Forum B 7 (A Flint 3, F Harris 3); Forum A 4 (K Bushell 3), Forum C 6; Vikings A 4, British Rail 6 (G Donovan 3, I Mead 3); Forum C 3 (P Larousse 3), RAL 7; Forum D 3, Forum A 7 (J McKenna-Jones 3, G Boone 3); Forum B 7, Bicester A 3.

Div 2: Gladiators A 5 (K Giles 3), Begbroke 5; Forum F 5, Gladiators B 5 (S Garcia Castillo 3); Forum E 7 (J Ho 3), Bicester B 3; Vikings B 7, Vikings C 3; Forum G 3, Gladiators A 7 (D Gardner 3); Vikings D 2, Forum G 8 (A Anstis 3); Vikings B 4, Forum E 6 (J Ho 3); Begbroke 2, Forum E 8 (J Ho 3, K Shaddel 3); Forum G 3, Vikings B 7 (P Borrowdale 3); Gladiators B 2, Gladiators A 8 (K Giles 3); Vikings C 9 (C Savage 3, J Speedy 3), Forum F 1; Bicester B 9 (J Felton 3, T Wong 3), Vikings D 1.

Div 3: Forum H 10 (T Yau 3, M Chambers 3, C Whitford 3), Holton A 0; Holton B 5 (J Cripps 3), Forum J 5; Forum I 1, Bicester D 9 (W Chapple 3, J Munoz Ruiz 3); Vikings E 0, Bicester C 10 (S Harding 3, V Davies 3, C Burgess 3); Holton C 7 (J Rolls 3), Bicester E 3; Forum J 7 (E Lush 3), Forum H 3; Bicester E 6, Vikings E 4; Bicester C 10 (w/o), Forum I 0.