THREE juniors from Oxford are now some of the youngest qualified Basketball England referees in the country.

Tilly Goddard, LK Mahalingham, and Malachi Owusu qualified after completing their “Young Official” courses this month.

All three have only recently turned 11-years-old.

Basketball England permits children in school year 7 and above to undertake the course although most children who do so are over 14.

Vuk Stojkovic, 12, Henry Radburn, 13, Sam Sweeney, 13, Elliot Goddard (Tilly’s elder brother, aged 15) and Harry Sellick, 15, have also completed the course.

The youngsters will have an opportunity to officiate as assistant referees in the Oxford-based Central Venue Youth League, starting on September 30, and organised by the South Oxfordshire Heat Club.