Applications for the Oxford United manager’s job continue to flood in.

But U’s chairman Ian Lenagan will not be hurried into a decision on Chris Wilder’s successor, and will ensure a thorough process takes place to get the right man for the role.

Since Wilder left for Northampton this week, United’s chief has already been inundated with enquiries.

He expects many more over the next few days, and says the quality of person interested in the position shows that United are seen to be an attractive proposition.

“We have received dozens and dozens and dozens of applications – if I had to put a figure on it I would say around 50,” he commented.

“We are receiving more and more each day and it is patently clear that people want to come to Oxford United Football Club.

“But what is important is that we make the right decision rather than a quick decision.”

He added: “I have been extremely pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of the applicants. We have also got some daft ones, but I suspect you get that in every walk of life.

“There are at least five or six managers that would be able to do a very, very good job.

“That’s not to say we will recruit a name. Oxford United need the right person, not the right name.”

Mickey Lewis has been placed in charge as caretaker manager and Lenagan is delighted with the way that he has gone about his work.

United’s chairman admitted that he expects Lewis to be in charge for the next few weeks, before he takes stock and decides on the next move.

“Mickey is doing an excellent job at the moment,” Lenagan said.

“He has a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment and the players love the environment he has created.

“Mickey is an Oxford man through and through and will do the job to the best of his ability.

“The buzz that was around the training ground on Monday – everybody noticed it.

“I went in thinking there might be an element of doom and gloom and was delighted to see the degree of enthusiasm and positiveness.”

Lenagan is hoping that fans get right behind the U’s.

“What I want now is for fans to turn up in numbers, because there can now be no negativity from the side of the fans of Oxford United,” he said.

“There was a split between the pros and the antis in terms of Chris which didn’t make it easy for him, but that doesn’t exist now.

“All Oxford United supporters now can get right behind Mickey, Andy Melville and the team themselves.”