Oxfordshire's men gained the bragging rights over Oxfordshire Ladies with a 141-114 victory in their annual friendly at Oxford City & County.

They triumphed on four of the six rinks with wins for skips Michael Andrew, Chris Weller, Paul Comley and Gordon Roper.

Oxfordshire BA 141, Bowls Oxfordshire Ladies 114

(Oxon BA rinks first)

Rink 1: S Tolhurst, J McGeough, D Wedge, M Andrew 31, A Spearman, C Bloomfield, A Ives, C Morgan 12.

Rink 2: G Hooker, D Bullock, M Brain, C Weller 25, M Stacey, S Everett, P Taylor, V Rees 20.

Rink 3: A Hunt, J Timms, J Benfield, I Whelpton 18, M Morris, J Banton, D Faulkner, J Berry 26.

Rink 4: B Jarvie, R Slater, A Hall, P Comley 29, S Mayo, S Gokgor, M Alderson, W Cross 19.

Rink 5: D Wotherspoon, M Jones, H Winstone, G Roper 27, M Bullock, M Darton, S Blackmore, S Rogers 13.

Rink 6: B Bloomfield, T Gripe, H Franklin, B Gilkes 11, J Jackson, E Orchard, C Gaskins, D Jacob 24.

OXFORDSHIRE’S men were edged out 115-110 by Berkshire in a freindly at Royal Household BC, Windsor.

Berkshire 115, Oxfordshire 110 (Oxon rink scores): R Green, K Mobley, C Weller, J O’Shea lost 18-16; P Brittin, B Allin, J McGeough, I Whelpton won 21-12; T Backer-Holst, J Eatwell, R Slater, B Gilkes lost 27-17; B Willoughby, J Timms, A Hall, A Ley lost 19-18; B Bloomfield, L Eltringham, D Wedge, M Brain lost 25-12; M Clarke, B Jarvie, D Bullock, M Andrew won 26-14.