Oxfordshire won on all six rinks to cruise to a 146-79 success over City & County of Bristol in a friendly at Ardagh BC, Bristol.

Oxfordshire Vice Presidents also enjoyed a resounding victory with a 126-78 win over Middlesex Vice Presidents at Henley-on-Thames.


City & County of Bristol 79, Oxfordshire 146 (Oxon rink scores): B Willoughby, B Allin, T Gripe & M Andrew won 21-18; M Cameron, J Stephens, J Eatwell & A Ley won 29-11; T Backer-Holst, M Davis, G Weedon & B Bloomfield won 25-10; S Tolhurst, E Dorling, J McGeough & J Lucas won 28-14; M Clarke, P Brittin, B Jarvie & A Hall won 26-11; P Demczak, C Blakeway, A Melville & I Whelpton won 17-15.

Oxfordshire Vice Presidents 126, Middlesex Vice Presidents 78 (Oxon VPs rink scores): B Osborne, P Baskerville, C Weller & M Andrew won 36-10; B Pointer, J Franks, F Savari & S Ponting won 20-15; C Blackmore, A Melville, R Havard & J O’Shea lost 24-18; T Mold, M Enright, A Rowe & M Brain won 24-16; I Hale, B Allin, J McGeough & I Whelpton won 28-13.