The City Clubs captured the Oxfordshire Bowling Association’s Bradshaw Cup with a 120-104 win over the Country Clubs at Witney Town.

The Country Clubs, captained by the OBA’s senior deputy president Mike Andrew, were chasing a third successive triumph.

But the OBA’s immediate past president, David Allin, of Oxford City & County, led his team to victory in his last year as captain of the City Clubs.

The teams shared the match with three winning rinks each.

But the emphatic 35-8 win by Steve Jones’s rink of Richard Green, Ivan Beckett and Terry Gripe over Country Clubs skip Paul Hooley ensured the City Clubs collected the cup for the first time since 2010.

Mike Petersen’s side of Chris Lewis, Alan Peters and Norman Rea also enjoyed a big win for the City with a 26-11 victory against Mark Sykes.

Alan Ley’s four of Mick Nash, Larry Eltringham and Graham Kerr provided the City’s other winning rink, overcoming Ian Whelpton 18-12.

Richard Redford, Mike Andrew and Keith Holloway were the Country Clubs’ three winning skips.

Country Clubs 104, City Clubs 120 (County Clubs rinks first) Rink 1: G Hooker, J Timms, J O’Shea, I Whelpton 12, M Nash, L Eltringham, G Kerr, A Ley 18.

Rink 2: M Jones, A Scholan, C Weller, R Redford 27, E Fry, J Guest, L Lacey, R Edwards 11.

Rink 3: P McGrath, O Bennett, M Brain, M Andrew 20, M Rockett, T Thomas, K Mobley, D Allin 18.

Rink 4: S Watts, R Radband, J Lucas, M Sykes 11, C Lewis, A Peters, N Rea, M Petersen 26.

Rink 5: B Bloomfield, J McGeough, B Gilkes, K Holloway 26, P Demczak, B Allin, H Payne, M Keen 12.

Rink 6: S Tolhurst, R Higgins, A Hall, P Hooley 8, R Green, I Beckett, T Gripe, S Jones 35.