Banbury Central’s John Mc-Geough received his 100-game badge as Oxfordshire went down 132-120 to the Isle of Wight in their friendly at Three Mile Cross, Reading.

McGeough celebrated his personal landmark by helping his four to an emphatic 33-13 success.

The rinks were shared, but the islanders enjoyed the bigger wins to claim victory.

The previous day, Oxfordshire had swept aside Wiltshire 138-92 at Hanborough.

Oxon came out on top on five of the six rinks, with Brian Bloomfield’s four leading the way with a 27-13 victory.

Colts badges were presented to Hanborough duo Martin Oliver and Colin Haley.


Oxfordshire 138, Wiltshire 92

(Oxon rink scores):B Bloomfield, M Oliver, S Jones, M Andrew won 27-13; P Demczak, J Timms, T Backer-Holst, J O’Shea won 24-12; K Williams, L Lewis, H Winstone, M Petersen won 25-13; B May, L Eltringham, J McGeough, A Hall lost 23-18; D Wotherspoon, P Brittin, D Bullock, D Wedge won 24-14; M Cameron, C Haley, K Washington, M Brain won 20-17.

Oxfordshire 120, Isle of Wight 132 (Oxon rink scores): C Lewis, B Flitter, K Mobley, I Whelpton won 20-18; R Jackson, D Jennings, R Slater, A Ley lost 26-18; S Tolhurst, B Allin, D Wedge, B Gilkes lost 29-8; D Silvester, M Davis, B Bloomfield, M Andrew won 27-13; P Christmas, N Satchell, J Guest, A Hall lost 33-14; M Cameron, J Timms, J McGeough, B Evans won 33-13.