Oxford City & County’s Donna Knight and Banbury Borough’s Caroline Campion are through to the National Singles Championships at Leamington Spa in August.

They booked their places after qualifying from the semi-finals at Banbury Chestnuts where experience got the better of youth.

Knight defeated Clare Soden 21-10, while Campion overcame her daughter, Helen Young, another Under 31’s player, 21-8.

In the quarter-finals, Knight sprang a surprise with a 21-8 win over England international and clubmate Katherine Hawes, the reigning champion who holds the record of 12 county singles titles. Campion broke away to defeat clubmate Carole Galletly 21-12.

Knight will face Campion in the final at Oxford City & County on the weekend on August 17 and 18.


Quarter-finals: H Young 21, L Smith 8; D Knight 21, K Hawes 8; C Campion 21, C Galletly 12; C Soden 21, G Muir 9.

Semi-finals: C Campion 21, H Young 8; D Knight 21, C Soden 10.