Oxfordshire riders found conditions tough in the Oxonian Cycling Club’s Wessex League Cyclo-Cross event.

With rain falling during the race, the track was ankle-deep in mud along various sections.

Matt Rowley was the first home rider to finish, coming 22nd in the men’s race.


Senior: 1 A Lansley (Pedalon), 2 M Cotty (Wheelbase), 3 S Allen (Hennebont cycle), 22 M Rowley (Oxonian), 35 D Jones (Oxonian), 37 G Booker (Oxonian), 46 S Hathaway (Oxonian).

Veterans: 1 D Hobbs (Cotswold Veldrjen), 2 D Phillips (Cotswold Veldrjen), 3 R Willmott (GA Cycles), 40 M Rose (Oxonian).

Juniors: 1 J Pitt (AW Cycles), 2 J Broadband (Summit MTB), 3 J Mitchell (Bicester Millennium).

Youths: 1 M Burnett (Team MK), 2 E Gronbech (Oxford City), 3 B Bell (Team MK), 19 M Thornton (Oxonian).

Under 12: 1 J Allen (Palmer Park Velo), 2 A Hawkins (Palmer Park Velo), 3 N Tresham, 22 O Thornton (Oxonian), 33 K Rose (Oxonian).