A FAMILY want to move their four children into a caravan in the garden so they can “have a bit of space” without having to move house.

The plea from a Botley family – with four children living in a two-bed house – was sent to Vale of White Horse District Council in an attempt to “maintain cordial family relations.”

The Bickford family, who live in West Way, have asked the council whether it is permitted to move a caravan into the garden.

A planning agent on behalf of the family said it would save them building an extension or moving house entirely.

A letter sent by planning agent JPPC read: “In due course the children will all leave home and get their own dwellings but until they are old enough the family are struggling to fit in the two-bed house. In order to maintain cordial family relations where everyone can feel they have a bit of space – a caravan will be brought in to provide overspill accommodation to allow bedroom space for children.”

If successful the caravan or mobile home would sit at the end of the Bickfords’ garden.

JPPC stressed that the extra rooms would only be for bedrooms and family meals would still take place in the main house.

Henry Venners from JPPC said: “It is important to note that once the caravan is brought to the site, the Bickford family will continue to live and cohabit as a single family including taking meals together in the house.

“Cooking facilities will remain in the house and the washing facilities will also remain in the house.”

He added: “The caravan will not provide wholly self-contained accommodation and will only provide additional rooms.”

A decision is due in November. The Bickford family did not respond to requests for comment.