AN ABINGDON councillor has resigned in protest over gay marriage.

Holly Holman resigned her Conservative Party membership and stepped down from the Vale of White Horse District Council.

In a letter to Prime Minister and Witney MP David Cameron she wrote: “I am actually pro-gay, believing that same-sex couples should be able to live together in a committed relationship.

“They should not be at any financial disadvantage and where they still are, laws should be changed to correct this.

“I do however believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

She went on to say that for the Government to say “marriage is so great that gay couples should not be excluded” was a flawed argument.

The former councillor added she had no disagreement with Tory policies on the district council.

It comes after a “wrecking” amendment to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was rejected by the House of Lords by a margin of two to one on Tuesday.

The vote brings gay marriage one step closer, but the bill faces further debate in the Upper House. The Bishop of Oxford did not attend the vote as he said he had prior engagements. The Rt Rev John Pritchard said: “This move demonstrates a view of marriage as the legal affirmation of emotional commitment instead of the sacramental celebration of a new social identity.”