BESPOKE bike maintenance classes for women in Oxford are fast approaching their first anniversary.

Cassiope Sydoriak, 25, opened the women-only classes at South Oxford Community Centre in Lake Street in November last year and they now run every Wednesday night.

She said: “As we approach our first anniversary I think we can say the classes have been a great success.

“It’s probably true to say that there are some women who haven’t done lots of mechanical stuff before because they have relied on their dads or husbands.

“Coming to these classes gives them the confidence to maintain their own bikes and that helps when they get out on the road.”

Part-time conference organiser Ms Sydorak, who is originally from Colorado, United States, added that the classes, which run from 6.15pm to 9pm, had a “great atmosphere” and offered women a good opportunity to make new friends.

Classes for men and women run on Saturday, from 3pm to 7pm.

Elle Smith, 26, from Oxford, added: “We demonstrate important safety techniques, including maintaining the brakes, and women can then work on their own bikes.”