AN archaeology specialist tried to steal £200 worth of Christmas presents by hiding them in his child's pushchair.

Dr Robert Daniels-Dwyer, 35, of Manor Road, Oxford, spent 30 minutes hiding toiletries and presents in a bag underneath his two-year-old son's pushchair while shopping in Boots, Cornmarket Street, Oxford, on November 5 last year.

The specialist in Roman archaeology then tried to walk out of the shop without paying for the gifts, claiming he lost his wallet, Oxford Crown Court was told this week.

A jury found him guilty of theft following a two-day trial.

Prosecuting, Cathy Olliver, told the court Daniels-Dwyer was spotted by a store detective on CCTV in a known shoplifting 'hot spot'.

Defending, Rachael Drake told the court Daniels-Dwyer realised he had forgotten his wallet as he caught an elevator to pay for the gifts and walked outside to find his wife hoping she would pay for the presents.

Ms Drake said: "We all make decisions every day that others may think are reckless or foolish."

Judge Julian Hall imposed a two-year conditional discharge and ordered Daniels-Dwyer to pay £1,500 costs.