CYCLISTS who did not have lights on were fined by police in three areas of Oxford last night.

Officers, who were in two spots in High Street and one in Botley Road, were giving £30 fines to those without lights.

Those stopped could either pay, dispute the fine in a magistrates’ court or buy cycle lights within seven days of the notice being issued.

Cyclist Josh Jacobs, 21, from Cowley, was pulled over by officers and said: “It is a logical thing to do. I already have lights, which is annoying, but I will buy spare ones.”

Cyclist David Sarvasidze, 17, from Headington, was also fined by police and said: “I think it is a good thing that they stop people. I wanted to buy lights but I thought I would the next day, and the next day. I will buy lights now.”

Pc Mark Pilling, from Abingdon’s Road Policing Department, said: “We are being kept busy. We tend to find once the clocks go back people don’t immediately light their bike up, so this is more than anything a reminder to people. Forty per cent of all collisions in Oxford involved a pedal cyclist.”