A SUPPORT group of songbirds banded together in Bicester to create their very own single and music video.

The Garth Daytime Support Group, for adults with learning disabilities, have been working hard on creating the musical masterpiece for the past six weeks with local company Song Unite.

The group of 11 members and the teachers from Song Unite were joined by family and friends last Friday to unveil the new CD and show off the single to a crowd at Chesterton Community Centre just outside Bicester.

The music video features the group practicing at the the community centre with lots of smiles and dancing throughout the whole song, which includes lyrics from the group such as 'I want to be romantic', ' I want to go to different places' and most importantly 'keep on dancing'.

Song Unite artistic director Chris Beck said: "I have a background in children's television but now my heart is in giving young adults with additional needs the chance to get involved in creative arts, song writing, filming and recording.

"Song Unite is all about bringing all people together to collaborate on projects like this, creating their own original song."

The not-for-profit company is based on an outreach programme that sees teachers go into local community groups and schools to work with children and adults on various art projects to create songs, films and documentaries for people to share with family and friends.

It is hoped the group can give anyone with learning disabilities the same artistic opportunities in the community as others.

Mr Beck added that they have seen the benefits opportunities such as this can give many community groups and he hopes to be able to share that with others.

Family and friends joined the Garth Daytime Support Group on May 26 to celebrate their hard work over the past six weeks as the song and single cover was revealed for the first time to the group.

Mr Beck said: "We enjoyed a six week course where the group wrote, recorded and have produced their own original song 'Keep on Dancing'.

"On top of this they also created a Kandinsky-inspired painting and a song/project video.

"So to celebrate we held a gathering at Chesterton Community Centre, Oxfordshire, and invited families of those who took part and groups the Friends of Garth and Bicester Village who kindly matched the funding for this exciting project."

In a video produced by the daytime support group to say thanks to all involved, Lucy Busby, of Bicester Village, said: "Bicester Village is pleased to be working with Song Unite again on this new project and I have had the privilege of coming along to see the amazing work and how much fun everyone is having, how hard everyone has been working and how engaged the group were."