PARKING problems in Bicester could be stamped out as new rules are set to be enforced.

Council bosses have approved a series of waiting restrictions in streets throughout Bicester town, Bicester North and Bicester West .

It follows concerns from residents, including over the number of cars clogging up Mallards Way which are thought to be used by drivers going to Bicester Village station or nearby business park.

Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for environment Yvonne Constance has backed the plans for Bucknell Road, Kings Avenue, Bernwood Road, as well as proposals for Mallards Way, Hunt Close and Rowan Road.

Mallards Way resident John Broad has been campaigning for changes to the street's entrance after drivers have churned up green space there.

Double yellow lines will be painted in the section of the road leading up to the estate.

Mr Broad said: "It is a shame that they have decided on double yellow lines, I personally think wooden posts like there are on the south side of Mallards Way would've been a better option.

"This would've been in keeping with the area and would look a lot nicer in the open space, I don't think the answer is double yellow lines.

"We are already seeing more people parking further up in the estate, which we assume is people saving £7 by not parking at the station, so I expect it is because of these sorts of reasons that there will be a review in six months or so."

The plans were put forward after concerns were raised with Oxfordshire County Council Highways by local councillors and the Bicester Traffic Advisory Committee.

They follow a public consultation on plans including no-waiting restrictions in Bucknell Road between 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Other plans include no-waiting zones between 11am and midday and between midday and 1pm Monday to Friday in Kings Avenue.

Drivers will also no longer be able to park freely in Bernwood Road and nearby Withington Road, with various restrictions in place in the area such as no waiting between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.

During the meeting in County Hall in Oxford last Thursday when the changes were given the go ahead, county councillor for Bicester South West Les Sibley told transport boss Ms Constance that he supported the proposals.

But he also said he agreed the changes should be reviewed again in six months adding: "There are quite a few parking sites across Bicester that will be affected by this and it is bound to throw up some problems, so I welcome the county council's proposal to consult on this again once it has been in place for a while."

And Lawrie Stratford, another Bicester county councillor, said 'a lot of time' had been spent talking to residents.

He said: "These changes will deal with problems across a whole raft of areas. At the moment you have people getting in their cars and driving half a mile to park on someone else's street near the train station.

"What we think we have is a good set of changes but obviously it cannot be perfect – we will need to review it.

"There will be winners and losers because you cannot please everyone, but I think officers have done a very reasonable job."

He said councillors would be looking at speed and weight limits across the town next to see if those should also be changed.

The changes will be monitored over the next six to 12 months and a review carried out to see if any changes are needed.