A former parliamentary candidate for the Banbury constituency has apologised for not supporting RAF action in Syria in 2013.

As Syrian Government forces entered Eastern Aleppo and committed atrocities yesterday Labour politician Sean Woodcock issued an apology.

The Cherwell district councillor, who stood for Parliament in May 2015, said he had backed then-Labour leader Ed Miliband in his opposition to air strikes.

Mr Woodcock said: "I made this decision, as a new councillor ambitious to stand for parliament, but also with memories of Iraq, which I had opposed, in mind.

"I now realise that this was wrong. 

"While the action proposed on 2013 was flawed and perilous, it turns out that not acting is worse. 

"By not acting, we gave a green light for all of the war crimes we have witnessed since.

"By backing the decision of my then leader, I am at least in a small way responsible for our great country shamefully standing by as these things happened.

For that, I want to say; I am sorry."

MPs ultimately voted against action before voting last year to take action against so-called Islamic State in the region.