West Kidlington Primary School has been closed for at least a week due to problems with the building's roof.

Pupils returned from their summer break yesterday but this morning the school was forced to open a temporary office in the hall due to concerns about the roof in the normal reception area.

Headteacher Simon Isherwood posted on the school's Facebook page to say all adults and children were safe in the building. 

But shortly after 10am the school was closed until further notice due to "serious issues with the roof."

Parents were asked to come and collect their children immediately.

Mum Vikki Campbell collected her two children from the school after receiving a text and an email about the problems.

She said: "It has been in a very poor state of repair for years and that was common knowledge.

"When we did the PTA Christmas fair there were power sockets taped off because the rain leaked in.

"I had to come down from work and I imagine many parents are in that situation.

"It is far from ideal. Why has it reached this point?"

Oxfordshire County Council spokesman Paul Smith said: "Unfortunately, the school has been closed until further notice due to issues with the roof which have a significant impact on a large proportion of the building.

We are working to ensure that we find a solution to this issue as soon as possible

The school will be made temporarily structurally secure so that additional larger scale work can be immediately undertaken and further investigations can be carried out."

More to follow