Fire fighters battled through thick smoke to extinguish a blaze at a sewing machine shop in Banbury.

The fire broke out in GTS Sewing Machines in Mewburn Road at about 8.30pm yesterday after the sun's rays shone through a magnifying glass in the front window display.

When crews arrived they found the building full of smoke and a fire within the shop window.

Two fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus forced their way inside and put the fire out using a high pressure hose.

A ventilation fan was then used to clear the shop of smoke.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service crew manager Nigel Matthews said: "As the shop was closed we had to break through the front door in order to get in, but once inside the breathing apparatus crew were able to fight the fire very quickly and contained the area affected by direct burning solely to the window display.

"The fire was discovered by a member of the public walking past the shop on their way to the fish and chip shop a couple of doors down.”

He reminded people to make sure items such as shaving mirrors, bottles or magnifying glasses were not left near windows.