Another reader has sent in an image of strange lights in the sky over Oxford, could it be the key to solving the mystery of the flashing lights above Botley? 

Earlier this week, we shared a video shot by Irene Eirini after she spotted bright beams of light flashing above Botley. Watch it here>>>

Irene asked: “Any other reporting? Do you have an explanation?”

People have been speculating as to what the lights are and where they're coming from.

Some said they may be coming from Blenheim Palace's Christmas Light Trail in the distance.

Here is what a photo of the lights at Blenheim look like beaming into the sky.

Oxford Mail:

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But now another photo has emerged. This time of strange lights blue lights beaming from below into the air. 

David Patchett, who sent us the photograph, said: “My neighbour caught a picture of a train last night with an outstandingly bright purple/UV light beam from its roof, I think it was near to around 3am.

Oxford Mail: Strange lights

“We live on boats near to the Wolvercote/Duke's Cut lock. We’re way too far from Botley for it to be the same thing [as the video linked above] but the train was heading that way, into town.

“I think the big purple beam on the train is designed to measure anything it passes under, like bridges."

If you have seen strange lights over Oxford get in touch here:

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