OXFORDSHIRE eased to a 131-94 victory over Hertfordshire in their friendly match at Henley-on-Thames BC.

In a game in which Oxfordshire were never seriously challenged, they won the game by four rinks to two.

The highlight of the match came when Kidlington’s John O’Shea combined with Henley’s Cliff Blakeway, Thame’s John Timms and Shiplake’s David Bullock to score a hot-shot.

Oxfordshire 131, Hertfordshire 94

Rink 1: C Lewis, T Backer-Holst, L Days & A Ley won 22-15.

Rink 2: B Bloomfield, K Williams, J McGeough & M Brain won 24-11.

Rink 3: C Blakeway, J Timms, D Bullock & J O’Shea won 29-14.

Rink 4: D Silvester, J Eatwell, G Hooker & M Petersen lost 17-20.

Rink 5: S Tolhurst, M Cameron, A Hall & I Whelpton won 21-15.

Rink 6: P Demczak, L Lewis, B Evans & B Gilkes lost 18-19.