Oxfordshire's reign as Home Counties League champions effectively came to an end as they went down 132-120 to Kent at Thame.

It was the host county’s third reverse from four games this season, with Kent taking the points 16-6.

Oxfordshire won on three of the six rinks, but resounding defeats for two of their fours tipped the match in Kent’s favour.

Barry Lambourne’s side of Rob Pink, Chris Gilkes and Chris Weller went down 26-13 to skip David Banfield.

And Gordon Walker’s line-up of Andy McIntyre, Shane Cooper and Andy Martin were swept away 27-15 by Dan Stearn.

Mark Charlett’s rink of Sam Watts, Jim Bland and Paul Comley eased to a 25-18 win against Ian Way.

Jason King’s side of Bernie May, Steve Jones and Ian Henwood also triumphed by a seven-shot margin, 20-13 against Ron Riley.

Mark Hancock’s four of Mike Petersen, David Allin and Chris Earl squeezed home 24-23 against Chris Smith.

But Paul Sharman’s side of Mick Nash, Ian Whelpton and Alan Ley were edged out 25-23 by Bob Shields.

Oxfordshire 120 (6pts), Kent 132 (16)

(Oxon rinks first)

Rink 1: R Pink, C Gilkes, C Weller, B Lambourne 13, S Woolford, P Woolford, M Cheeseman, D Banfield 26.

Rink 2: B May, S Jones, I Henwood, J King 20, G Wells, P Farthing, M Bannister, R Riley 13.

Rink 3: S Watts, J Bland, P Comley, M Charlett 25, M Fisher, M Stark, I Prosser, I Way 18.

Rink 4: M Petersen, D Allin, C Earl, M Hancock 24, T Bartholomew, P Brett, K Banes, C Smith 23.

Rink 5: M Nash, I Whelpton, A Ley, P Sharman 23, A Boatwright, C Goldsmith, D Baker, B Shields 25.

Rink 6: A McIntyre, S Cooper, A Martin, G Walker 15, P Foster, R Sydney, G Bailey, D Stearn 27.