AT just six days old Thomas Dadson faced the prospect of not being able to eat properly for the rest of his life.

Thanks to a successful emergency operation on his stomach and a three-week stay at Oxford Children’s Hospital, he made a full recovery.

Four years on, his dad Simon has signed up to take on the Oxford Mail’s OX5 Run to give something back.

Thomas was born without complications but when his parents fed him he couldn’t keep it down.

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Mr Dadson, from North Oxford, said: “He went from a baby throwing up to having an emergency operation at just six days old.

“They diagnosed him and operated very quickly to disentangle his intestines.

“The alternatives if it went wrong were pretty scary – he wouldn’t have been able to eat anything ever again.”

Mr Dadson, wife Emma, and daughter Sophie, now seven, spent three weeks at the John Radcliffe Hospital as Thomas was taken care of.

He was introduced to milk drop by drop until he got used to it.

The 37-year-old said: “It was a difficult time but the nurses do make you feel at home, you can sleep right next to your child if you want and they let us stay in the Ronald McDonald house nearby.

“We were in over Christmas – which you don’t want to be – but they made it a good atmosphere and were very supportive.

“The hospital staff were great, one of the great things about the hospital is the play specialists, they are so important for the children in the hospital.

The Oxford University lecturer is running the Blenheim Palace five-mile run for the second time.

He said: “Thomas is four now and he’s fine and doing all the normal things a fouryear- old does. He’s just started playing rugby.

“It’s really to give something back to the community and give support to the hospital staff.

“It’s a nice run. Blenheim Palace is beautiful, there’s a real team spirit and you are doing it for a good cause.

“Occasionally you’ll find yourself running alongside the doctors and nurses, and it’s great to do something for them.”

To join Simon and the 850 others who have already signed up go to or scan the QR code for more information.

The event is sponsored by city recruitment firm Allen Associates for the seventh year running.

Volunteers are wanted to help out on the day of the run, Sunday, March 29.

Any groups or individuals willing to help organise on the day should email Jo Coady on